Piglets & poults are on the farm!

We have finally picked up this year’s piglets and turkey poults and they are settling in quite nicely. Once the piglets are fully trained to the electric fence, they will be moved out to the woodlot and rotated throughout a couple of acres until the end of October.

The poults will remain on the farm until they are fully feathered and large enough that the aerial predators will not bother them (roughly 6-8 weeks.) They will then be moved to pasture and rotated over a few acres inside electric netting.

Order forms for pork will be available to our email list only, so please sign up if you are interested.

Order forms for turkey will be available at the end of July and can be found on our “ordering” page

T-Shirt Slogan Contest!

T-Shirt slogan contest time!!!

The annual tradition continues...Bring it on...

Please submit slogans for the back of our 2019 t-shirts by 10pm Sunday 4/14/19. We will choose the top 3 or 4 slogans we believe fit best and let you choose the winning catchphrase from there.

The winner will receive a free t-shirt and get to choose one of the following:

~One chicken worth $25 picked up on-farm or at Stamford Museum
~$25 off a Thanksgiving or Christmas Turkey picked up on-farm
~$25 worth of vegetables of their choosing to be picked up at the Wallingford Garden Market, Stamford Museum & Nature Center Market, or the farm.

Slogans can encompass ANYTHING and there is no limit to how many you can enter. Our farm name and any reference to our farm name does not need to be included, but can be if you choose. Feel free to look at our mission statement and values on our website, or get creative and throw some random unique and quirky slogan out there. Please note that your suggestions need to fit on the back of the shirt.

Have fun with this and bring on the goodness!

P.S. We CANNOT wait to see what you fun people come up with