Duck eggs! Come get 'em

Benefits of duck eggs vs. chicken eggs:
~Duck eggs stay fresher longer and have a thicker shell
~Duck eggs are often much larger
~Duck eggs are richer, creamier, have more albumen (protein) making them superior in baking and pastry making
~Duck eggs are higher in Omega-3's, a healthy fatty acid assisting in heart and mental health benefits
~Duck eggs may offer double the nutritional value of chicken eggs (dependent on their diet)
~Duck eggs may or may not have a stronger or lighter flavor than a chicken egg (again, dependent on their diet)
~Duck eggs are more costly due to sporadic or ceased laying throughout the Winter with the decrease in light, scavenger hunting for laid eggs (they truly lay anywhere they choose,) ducks are messy (straight up messy) and require the coop to be cleaned more frequently, and because their eggs are laid anywhere the cleanliness of the shell is not guaranteed and the eggs require more thorough cleaning
~People who cannot eat chicken eggs due to allergies can, most likely, consume duck eggs with no reaction (please check with your doctor first)

Our layers are free-ranged year-round

We have plenty of duck eggs for sale as the days are lengthening and weather is warming. Sold by the 1/2 dozen off the farm. Cash only on the honor system.

$4.00 per 1/2dz


$.75c an egg for those who may wish to just try one or two

Old milk room is open this week 11a-6p