Piglets have arrived

This year we are trying something new. Pigs! We picked up six little piglets from our friends at Lilac Hedge Farm in Mass. and will be raising them through November. They will be raised in their natural habitat, the woodlot. We will be training them to respect electric wire for the first few weeks before putting them out to "pasture," where they will be able to roam and forage under the canopy of Maples, Hickory, Birch, Beech, Cherry, and Oak trees. A two wire electrified perimeter will, hopefully, keep them contained and we will practice rotational grazing to keep the pigs and the environment happy. We have crossed fingers that this will be a good tree nut year so they can sweeten up for you. Pigs will be sold as half or whole only, processed at Adams Farm, a USDA facility in Mass.