Woodlot Raised Pork

Our Pigs are brought to the farm between 6-10 weeks old. They are initially raised in the barnyard in a training pen until they learn to respect a two-strand electric wire fence, at which point they are then moved to the woods where they remain for the rest of their time with us. Their total acreage has a two-strand electrified perimeter fence and intermediary fences for rotational paddocks. We evaluate the woods’ ability to withstand the pigs natural rooting and grazing to determine when the appropriate time to move them to a new paddock will be. The pigs are fed a GMO-free grain and provided scraps from our garden, donations from High Hill Orchard in Meriden, CT and local breweries. These animals are raised with love and respect and we believe they provide an exceptional product. As much as we would like to process the pigs on the farm, we are not equipped to do so at this time, so they are brought to a processing facility where the floor was designed by Temple Grandin, a woman who leads the charge on farm-animal welfare. Pork is sold by the half and whole with cost based on hanging weight plus butcher fees, on a first-come-first-served basis only. We raise one group a year, ready for processing in October. Please inquire through our contact page or email.
Grain is purchased from Chris Farms in Scotland, CT
Processing Facility is Adam’s Farm in Athol, MA