Sustainable, Humane, Community Focused, Transparent

Our Mission

We strive to bring healthy alternative food choices to you, our local community, while maintaining integrity and transparency. We farm with the purpose to give back to the Earth, helping to sequester carbon from the atmosphere and maintaining healthy soil and the life within it.  Our ambition is to encourage poison-free land for our animals, bacteria, fungi, pollinators, butterflies, and beneficial insects. We work to respect, nurture, and provide the most natural environment for our animals and our crops, from chicks and seedlings through the final product. We put animal welfare and the protection of our environment above all else. We choose to farm to provide and encourage community interaction and sharing. Farming, for us, means to get our hands dirty doing what we love while being able to live happy and healthy surrounded by family, friends, animals, community, and the natural world!

We are part of CT-NOFA (Connecticut-Northeast Organic Farmer's Association) and follow the practices of the 2019 Farmer's Pledge! Please click the image below to read more.