Our Poultry

Our poultry is humanely raised on pasture using a mob-grazing technique to keep the birds healthy and to help rejuvenate the soil. All of our poultry is processed and packaged on the farm. Our #1 priority is the health and wellness of our animals and we strive to create an environment where they are free to exhibit natural tendencies and live a stress-free and happy life. All poultry is sold by PRE-ORDER only. We raise a small number of chickens and turkeys per flock at a first-come first-served basis. Please note, because our animals are raised on pasture and due to the unpredictable nature of farming, we cannot guarantee a specific weight.

Freedom Ranger Chicken

The breed we choose to raise is called a Freedom Ranger chicken. The chicks arrive at 2-3 days old where we immediately show them food and water and place them under heat lamps in a brood box until their adult feathers emerge. At 4 weeks the chickens are moved to pasture within a 12'x12'x3' portable shelter and remain on pasture for 6 weeks. The shelters allow for the safety of every bird from overhead and ground predators. Every evening we change out their feed and water, and move them to fresh grass so they are not overnighting on their own excrement. The Freedom Ranger chicken is an ideal bird for the pastured lifestyle, are active foragers and easily move around scratching and pecking for their meals. We supplement their natural diet with a non-GMO local-to-Connecticut grain. These birds are hardy and have a slower growth-rate, enabling them to remain healthy and robust throughout their life. This breed is ready for processing in 10 weeks. Their meat is slightly darker and remains moist and tender when cooked. Processing of the birds is done on the farm to minimize stress on the animals and provide you with the freshest meat available. We do not freeze unless requested. 
We purchase chicks from Freedom Ranger Hatchery in Reinholds, PA and GMO-free grain from Chris Farms in Baltic, CT
The birds range 3.75-6 lbs

Photograph by Rick Harrington Photography

Photograph by Rick Harrington Photography

Broad breasted white Turkey

The breed of turkey we raised is called a Broad Breasted White. These turkeys are raised very similarly to our chickens; we provide supplemental heat to the poults (baby turkeys) until their adult feathers emerge before moving them to pasture around 6-8 weeks (weather dependent.) Instead of using enclosed movable shelters we allow them to forage inside of electrified netting with a roost to bed down on at night off of the ground. The netting is more to keep the predators out than to keep the turkeys in. Depending on the age of the turkeys and the quality of the pasture they are grazing, the birds get moved approximately every 2-4 days.  We supplement their natural diet with a local-to-Connecticut grain crumble. The Broad Breasted White reaches market weight in 18-22 weeks.  We process all birds on the farm the week leading up to Thanksgiving and sell fresh only. Christmas turkeys will be offered frozen only. Because the turkeys are free-ranged weights will vary and specific weights cannot be guaranteed.
We purchase day old poults from Bob's Turkey Farm in Lancaster, MA and grain from Chris Farms in Baltic, CT
We expect hens to reach 13-16 lbs and toms 18-25+ lbs


We will no longer be raising ducks for meat purposes for a number of reasons, but hope to bring them back into our poultry operation in the future. Thank you to those who supported our pastured duck enterprise the last two seasons and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.