We specialize in heirloom varieties, sustainably grown, with a focus on protecting the environment and providing a healthy source of nutrition for the community. We also wild harvest ramps and certain mushrooms, and are fond of edible weeds.


Ready-to-plant seedlings will be offered for sale on our roadside stand in April-May. Wild harvested native species such as  Leek, Dandelion, Violet, Onion, Garlic, Plantain, Lamb's Quarter's, etc. and invasive wild edibles such as Garlic Mustard, Japanese Knotweed, and medicinal Mugwart will be offered by request only. We will also have early crops of radish, carrots, and beets. 


Ready for an overabundance of vegetables? Visit us at our stand, days and hours TBD. Or, come visit us at farmers' markets this year. On Saturday's from 10am-1pm we will be returning to West Hartford Farmers' Market @ Bishop's Corner and Saturday's from 9a-12p we will be in our hometown, Wallingford, for the Garden Market @ Doolittle Park. We will also wild harvest certain edibles for sales. Stay tuned for availability.



Early Fall is a great time to get your hands on all the garden has to offer. Our winter storage crops are finishing up ripening just in time for the cool weather to set in. A final crop of roots vegetables are beginning to mature. The season begins to show its true beauty as October approaches. We offer end-of-season crops, storage varieties, winter squash, indian corn and popcorn, cornstalks, and seed garlic. Native wild edibles will be in abundance this time of year, but we especially focus on harvesting the invasive Autumn Olive berries and Mugwart.